Valdivia Urban Advetures

The Valdivia Urban Adventures Team is led by Juan Castaing, a nature specialist and cultural tour guide, fly fisherman, and heritage interpreter with over 10 years’ experience. Juan and his team of local tour guides are excited to be part of the Urban Adventures family. 

Juan started his journey in travel and tourism as a tour guide for a nature base and fly fishing lodge in Patagonia. He has worked extensively with local communities around the region and is passionate about promoting sustainable practices for the industry as well as giving advice and training for local entrepreneurs and small co-operatives. 

Juan has created interpretive maps and field trip guides for visitors and tour guides from Patagonia and he has a widespread knowledge of the needs of the modern traveller, holding a certificate in tour guiding and a diploma in travel and tourism from Australia’s William Angliss Institute. 

Juan and his team offer an entertaining, engaging, educational, and holistic approach to their tours and are excited to welcome you to their city